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James B. Lile the Arkansas Knifesmith

I loved Jimmy Lile, everyone that knew him loved him. Jimmy was a true "Southern Gentleman". He was also a fellow member of Blade Magazines "Cutlery H...

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JOHN THOMAS ROURKE FIGHTING BOWIE is custom made for LANCER by Martin Knives in Caddo Mills, Texas.

The Survivalist Series

Origin of the Survivalist Series Jerry and I married in 1968 and lived in a very nice, new apartment complex that happened to be next to a train yard...

Tracker knife 2

The Hunted

Aaron Hallam is a expertly trained, highly dangerous U.S. Special Forces Assassin/Operative, serving in Dakovica, Kosovo in March 1999. He is charged...



Handmade COMMAND...


Handmade RAMBO I...

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TRMS is the number 1 source for information on Movie and TV weaponry due to our access and relationship with the Makers, Prop Masters, Stunt Coordinators and other relevant Professionals. We are a forum for discussion, a marketplace to sell and auction authentic items made by the original makers, and a service to Film and TV Companies requiring ideas and makers for their new projects. In a sentence, TRMS wants to be the centre of all things movie weaponry; a workshop, a clubhouse, a store, an auction room; a true hive of activity and passionate discussion. We are TRMS. When gathering insight and information on the weaponry that shaped and defined the movie industry, TRMS speaks to the original makers and their families wherever possible. Our aim? To become the most trusted and reliable source for movie weaponry and weaponry related props. We will always look to use authentic and original photographs and images; constantly searching for the very best quality. Please feel free to contact us with better images, and any corrections that you feel are necessary in order to achieve an even more accurate account. Read More